Owners want to see what’s going on in and around their homes. For most, their villa is their largest investment and they want their property (and their family) to be safe and secure. IP cameras and smart door locks have become the foundational device for security in today’s connected home, allowing you to monitor your home at any time, from anywhere. Additionally, visible surveillance cameras around the home are deterrents against mischief and crime.

  • When you are at home, check on your house on your touch screens or television.
  • When you are away, receive a snapshot when there is activity at home.
  • Touch screens automatically show cameras when movement is detected outside.
  • Review the recorded video and see what happened throughout the day, last week, or last month.


Say goodbye to traditional light switches and take control your lights and shades with a touch of a finger. Asia Smart Home lighting controls and motorized shading solutions go far beyond comfort and elegance and help future proof your property:

  • Use an in-wall keypad, a remote control or take charge of your home’s lights and shades from anywhere in the world via your smartphone.
  • Enjoy the freedom of fully programmable in-wall keypads which evolve together with your home, adjusting to the changes in its design and to your needs.
  • Make optimal use of available wall space and maximize efficacy by controlling more than just lights.
  • Chose between a variety of keypad designs to match your personal taste and seamlessly harmonize our cutting-edge technology with your interior design.


Rediscover your music collection and create a unique ambience throughout your home with Asia Smart Home Audio MultiRoom solution. Simple and effective never sounded better!

  • Listen to any of your favorite songs, albums, radio stations, podcasts, in any room of your house.
  • Play sound from any source – mp3, internet radio, Airplay, music service etc.
  • Play the same tune throughout the house or select a different one for each space.
  • Control all sound in all rooms with one, intuitive app.
  • Whether in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in the living room, never again compromise on sound quality.


 Say no to limits! Don’t limit yourself to just one room and make each room in your house a movie theatre! Our MultiRoom Video Distribution solution allow stream media simultaneously and independently in different zones within your house. From any source, anywhere, in 4k:

  • Stream from Blu-Ray players, HD DVD players, Satellite Receivers, Media Players, Game Consoles, and more
  • Show the same image on all TVs simultaneously or different streams in different rooms.
  • Control all media with one, intuitive app.
  • Get the best quality 4k image with 36-bit colour depth.


Stay closer to home wherever you are. With Asia Smart Home mobile solutions you’re always connected to the most important things in life – your home and your family. Whether at the office, stuck in traffic, at the airport, or on the other side of the world, reliable home controls and monitoring are at your fingertips. Anywhere, anytime:

  • Use one powerful smartphone app to control all features of your Smart Home
  • Adjust lights, shades, and temperature in your villa.
  • Use our Video Gate system to see, talk and open the gates to anyone you chose from everywhere in the world.
  • Check on the kids at home using your smartphone or a web browser.
  • Set the perfect temperature in the living room before you arrive home, control everything from everywhere.


 Don’t think about saving energy, just let it happen, automatically! Asia Smart Home home automation solutions make sure that your energy use is optimized for maximum efficiency and minimum spending:

  • Window sensors: automatically switch air conditioning off when a window is left open for a user-selected amount of time.
  • Light sensors: automatically switch lights off when there’s enough natural light.
  • Automatically open and close shades depending on the position of the sun in the sky to optimize in room temperature and brightness.


     A real cinema experience in the privacy and comfort of your home?  Our expertise in sound and vision allow us to offer you the best in technology and ergonomics. Perfect picture, immersive sound, intimate atmosphere –  this is how movies are supposed to be enjoyed!

    • Chose from a wide range of world-class audio-video system suitable to your needs and desires.
    • Asia Smart Home home theatre solutions are always fully integrated into your property’s environment.
    • Use a single portable control to take charge of multiple visual sources – the internet, DVD, cable box and other.
    • Elegant and easy to use, our solutions provide a perfect aesthetic experience designed with your home in mind.


     The full control of your environment in the palm of your hand, that’s what Asia Smart Home can provide you with. The improvement of your daily life using simple and elegant technology is the purpose of home automation system. The power of Asia Smart Home is to offer you a global solution, indeed with our systems all your property becomes more intelligent, your habitat becomes totally connected.  Moreover, it becomes autonomous.

    Based on low consumption Z-Wave technology, Asia Smart Home can offer packages for your condominium or apartment project:


    • Lighting package
    • Lighting + Energy saving package
    • Lighting + Energy saving + Security package